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October 2007

Tue Oct 24:30PU: Center for African American Studies Open House
Wed Oct 36:00NYC: Princeton University Town Meeting
Sat Oct 610:00PU: Center for African American Studies Tour
Sat Oct 611:00PU: Prof. Daphne Brooks Football Lecture
Sat Oct 63:30PU: Hampton University vs. Princeton Football Game
Sat Oct 63:30PU: Reception in Class of 1956 Lounge
Sat Oct 13PU: Admissions Multicultural Open House
Sat Oct 2010:30Boston: vs. Harvard Football, Tiger Tent Event
Sun Oct 212:00Chicago: HYP & S High School Recruiting Event

November 2007

Sat Nov 1010:00PU: Sydney Johnson '97, Basketball Coach
Sat Nov 101:00PU: Yale vs. Princeton Activities
Mon Nov 12PU: First Annual Black Woman's Conference
Thu Nov 15PU: Graduate School Preview Day
Thu Nov 156:30NYC: Princeton-in-Africa Fundraising Dinner
Sat Nov 177:30NYC: ABPA at American and Afro-West Indian Dance
Mon Nov 265:30NYC: Black - Ivy League presents Jamie Dimon
Thu Nov 29SF: Prof. Melissa V. Harris-Lacewell
Thu Nov 29PU CAAS: The Genius of James Brown Symposium
Fri Nov 307:00LA: ABPA, A4P & ALPA Pre-Conference Reception

December 2007

Sat Dec 1A Princeton University Conference in Los Angeles
Sat Dec 17:30Atlanta: CANCELLED - The Black Ivy Holiday Party
Wed Dec 56:00PU Career Services: Career Networking Event
Sat Dec 87:30PU BGC: 2nd Annual Winter Formal
Sat Dec 291:00Wash., DC: ABPA at Georgetown Hoops

January 2008

Mon Jan 211:00Princeton University Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration
Thu Jan 247:30NYC: ABPA & PANYC at Classical Theatre of Harlem

February 2008

Sat Feb 99:00NYC: PU at Columbia Basketball Post Game Party
Wed Feb 136:00Chicago: ABPA Happy Hour
Sat Feb 165:30PU: Brown vs. Princeton Basketball Reception
Sat Feb 235:30PU: Alumni Day - Cocktails with John Rogers '80 at the Sotto Ristorante

March 2008

Thu Mar 67:00NYC: Young Alumni Happy Hour at Bamboo 52
Tue Mar 116:30Philadelphia: Alumni Assn., A4P, ABPA & ALPA Dinner
Tue Mar 25PU CAAS: Morrison Lecture Edwidge Danticat

April 2008

Tue Apr 16:30Dallas: Alumni Assn., A4P, ABPA & ALPA Dinner
Thu Apr 108:00PU: Orange Woman, A Ballad for a Moor, Written by Roger Q. Mason '08
Fri Apr 11PU: April Hosting Multicultural Reception
Fri Apr 186:00North Carolina: ABPA Happy Hour for Black Ivy Alumni
Mon Apr 216:30NYC: Alumni Association, A4P, ABPA & ALPA Reception
Thu Apr 242:00Princeton: ABPA STEM Committee Organizational Meeting
Sat Apr 2611:00Boston: Tour of Royall House and Slave Quarters
Mon Apr 284:30PU CAAS: Environmental Justice Conference

May 2008

Fri May 2Princeton: Princeton Prize Symposium
Sat May 3Princeton: Princeton Prize Symposium
Thu May 15Boston: Drinks following Princeton Prize Ceremony & PANE Meeting
Sat May 173:00Wash., DC: Barbecue with Sandra Adams Watson '82
Sun May 181:00Chicago: Why Princeton - Admissions Presentation
Sun May 182:30Wash., DC: Why Princeton - Admissions Presentation
Fri May 30PU: ABPA Particiapnts on Reunions Alumni and Faculty Forums
Fri May 303:00PU: 8th Annual Princeton Reunions Careers Colloquium
Sat May 314:00PU: Annual ABPA Reunions Awards Reception

June 2008

Sun Jun 15:00PU: 3rd Annual Pan-African Graduation
Sun Jun 16:30Latino Graduation Ceremony
Mon Jun 9Wash., DC: Drinks at Thundergrill following Princeton Prize Ceremony
Tue Jun 105:30NYC: Princeton Prize NYC Awards Ceremony

July 2008


August 2008


September 2008

Fri Sep 195:30PU: Welcome Reception & Dinner for New Graduate Students of Color
Fri Sep 264:00PU: The BSU Black and Brown BBQ



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