Lifetime Members
Brent Henry '66 - P-rade 2013
ABPA Lifetime Member Adrien Wing '78 in front of her portrait at Univ of Iowa Law School

In Memorial - Wade Epps �69 at reunions 2009

ABPA SF Bay Area Event on Oct. 29, 2011 � featuring lifetime members Marvin D. Norman '80 & Louis A. Ivey, III '80  
ABPA Alumni Service Award Recipient Fred Dashiell '76, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor '76, ABPA Lifetime Members Patricia Irvin '76 and Charles Davis '76 (photo courtesy of Tina Ravitz '76 -

ABPA Lifetime Member Marguerite Vera '79 (standing third from right), Henry Von Kohorn '66 (kneeling left) and Bud D'Avella '66 (standing far right) at the 2009 Princeton Prize in Race Relations Symposium

ABPA Lifetime Member Prof. William Massey '77 and his Princeton protégés (

ABPA Lifetime Member David Evans *66 portrait unveiled at Harvard (

ABPA Lifetime Members Dr. Gretchen D. Graves '76, her daughter Erica G. Johnson '08 and family

ABPA Lifetime Member and University Orator Terdema Ussery '81 at 2008 Commencement with Honorary Degree recipient Quincy Jones

Newest ABPA Lifetime Members
Vietta L. Johnson '82
Eric W. Kuntz '74

Gary M. King '79

Adrien Wing '78


Gabriella E. Morris '77 S74
Claude D. Simon '78

Sandra R. Stites '82 P12

Helena Bollers Watts '82


ABPA Lifetime Members

Robert J. Rivers Jr. '53


Philip L. Johnson '61


Charles A. Shorter '62


Ogbemi O. Omatete '64


David L. Evans *66


A. Deane Buchanan '68
John J. Cardwell Jr. '68

Wade D. Epps '69
James A. Floyd Jr. '69
W. Roderick Hamilton '69
Brent L. Henry '69
Shearwood J. McClelland '69


Charles S. Dawson III '70

Robert L. Hampton '70

Henry H. Kennedy '70

John T. Mavros '71

Garrett V. Ridgley Jr. '70


Linda Bell Blackburn '71

Jerome Davis '71

Girardeau A. Spann '71


Clifford H.R. DuPree '72

Marion A. Humphrey '72

Carlos W. King '72

Thurman V. White '72


Don C. Brown '73
Henry M. Coleman '73
James W. Hunt '73
Romulus Edward Staton '73
Eric H. Vinson '73


Jon E. Barfield '74

Dennis J. Brownlee '74

Joyce Y. Cosby '74

Trevor E. Forde '74

Badi G. A. Foster *74

ArnoldG. Hyndman '74

Juanita T. James '74

Eric W. Kuntz '74
Lorenzo S. Littles *74


Della Britton-Baeza '75

Yvette A. Bridges '75

William R. Hyde '75

Gail McKenzie Johnson '75

Geraldine Toland Regan '75


Jerry D. Blakemore '76
Robert G. Cushnie '76
Charles C. Davis, Jr. '76
Gretchen D. Graves '76
Patricia L. Irvin '76
Melanie C. Lawson '76
Monifa Love '76
Neil R. Powe, M.D. '76
Isiah Charles White '76


Marrian Rogers Croak '77
Patricia Norman Green '77

Robyn W. Jones '77

William A. Massey '77

Ivy Thomas McKinney '77
Gabriella E. Morris '77 S74
Mary E. Nelson '77
Calvin H. Norman III '77

Mona Rigaud, MD '77

Donna Marie Sotolongo '77
Sergio E. Sotolongo '77


Karen S. Ali '78

Christina F. Brinkley *78

Wesley C. Dias *78
Jacquelyn Mitchell Edwards '78

Ila Griffith Forster '78

Peter C. Lewis '78
James S. Shepard '78 S81
Ronald G. Shepperson '78
Claude D. Simon '78
Brian A. Stephenson '78
Adrien Wing '78
Kneeland C. Youngblood '78

Donald K. Anthony Jr. '79
Theresa Bailey Baker '79
Leslie F. Bond, Jr. '79
Gary M. King '79

Patrice M. Pitts '79

Donna Hill Staton '79
Marguerite Hadley Vera '79
Valerie L. Cross '80
Henri R. Ford '80 S82
Vincent L. Johnson '80
Mary E. Lacey '80
Louis A. Ivey, III '80 S81 P08 P11
Rahman D. Karriem '80 S80 P09
Cato T. Laurencin '80
Duane E. McWaine '80
Laurence C. Morse *80
Marvin D. Norman '80
John W. Rogers Jr. '80
Terrence C. Ayala '81
Edda Calderon '81 S78

C. Kim Goodwin '81

Stephen C. Mills '81

Terdema L. Ussery '81

Jacquelyn C. Edmonds '82
Donna Clarke Ford '82 S80
Glennis R. M. Hall '82
David Stephen Hope '82
Vietta L. Johnson '82
Christopher J. Leggett '82
Frances C. McNeal '82
Susan E. Stephens '82
Sandra R. Stites '82 P12
Eve A. Thompson '82
Helena Bollers Watts '82


Kenneth M. Bruce '83
Lolita Kay Buckner-Inniss '83
Farris L. Curry '83
Kevin C. Dowdell '83
Billy H. Ford '83
Lawrence O. Graham '83
Robert G. Haywood '83
Daryl Inniss '83
Craig M. Robinson '83
Leo A. Williams '83
Elise P. Wright '83


Stanley R. Berger '84
Bonnie Berry LeMon '84
Kim M. Boyle '84


Lauren D. Robinson-Brown '85
Sheila Dooley Holmes '85
Othniel D. Palomino '85
Katheryn E. Peeler '85


Werten F. W. Bellamy Jr. '86

Noel H. Gordon '86

Karol L. Moss '86
Rose Catherine Pinkney '86
Devery J. Sheffield '86
Roy Swan, Jr. '86

Veronica Anderson '87
Frederick P. Beavers '87
Charles E. Corpening '87

Tiffany Scott Flanagan '87

Kimberly Banks MacKay '87

Rhonda Adams Medina '87

Nahndi Williams-Bush '87


Aisha D. Davis '88
Elizabeth Robinson Henry '88

James H. Simmons '88

T. Reed Stephens '88

John Thompson III, '88


Carol L. Barash *89

Latonia Early-Hubelbank '89

R. Amadeus Mason '89 

Darryle E. Merlette '89

Monica Moore Thompson '89 


Sheila S. Boston '90
Kamela D. Coleman '90
Owen D. Garrick '90

Yolanda C. Traylor '90


Lori Dickerson Fouche '91
Mellody L. Hobson '91
Stephen A. Houser '91
Karen M. Jordan '91
Jonathan M. Peele '91


John J. Korsah '92

Amanda C. Samuel, Esq. '92

John F. Weaver Jr. '92


Dale L. Williams '93


Sheila M. Marmon '94


Rahsaan K. Harris '95


Corregan G. Brown '96

Ugwunna Ikpeowo '96
Howard "Nat" Piggee III '96


Angelique G. Brunner *97
Sydney A. Johnson '97


Hagos A. Mehreteab '99

Patrice P. Jean *99


Rafe R. Ellison *01 

Wade A Rakes '02
Catherine J. Toppin '02

Erica G. Johnson '08

In Memoriam
Wade Epps '69
Michael J. Calhoun '70
Karl E. Hammonds '73
Eric S. Williams '74 P09
Adam C. Henry '91





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