Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni Award

recognizes alumni who are successful in their careers and have brought honor to the name of Princeton University by exemplifying the highest ideals and traditions captured in the phrase "Princeton in the Nation�s Service And in the Service of All Nations.�

2015Margaret Vendryes *97York College, City University of New York, Distinguished Lecturer - Performing and Fine Arts; Director - Fine Arts Gallery


Rhonda Adams Medina, Esq. '87
SVP & Deputy Gen. Counsel of Business and Legal Affairs, Nickelodeon


Dr. Duane E. McWaine '80
Mental Health Advocate; Diplomatic and Civil Rights Trailblazer


James Shepard '78

Founder and Managing Partner, GenNx360


Congresswoman Terri Sewell '86

First Black Princetonian elected to national office

Colonel Dallas C. Brown III '78

Senior Counselor, Department of Homeland Security

Captain Dandy Alexander Wilson '03
United States Army (retired)

Jon E. Barfield, Esq. '74
Chief Executive Officer, Bartech Group

Dr. Herman A. Taylor, Jr. '76
Cardiologist; Director & Principal Investigator of the Jackson Heart Study

Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. '70
US District Court Judge  
2006 Stephen C. Mills '81 President of Sports Team Operations - Madison Square Garden
2005 Mellody L. Hobson '91 President of Ariel Capital Management
2003 Prof. Michael Eric Dyson *93 University of Pennsylvania, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities
2002 Prof. Randall L. Kennedy '77
Michael R. Klein Professor of Law at Harvard Law School
2001 Prof. Cornel R. West *80 Princeton University, Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion
2000 Hans E. Hageman '80 Founder and Executive Director, East Harlem School
1999 Prof. Wesley L. Harris *68

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronauticsat MIT on loan from NASA

1998 Dr. Cato T. Laurencin '80

Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Professor at Univ. of VA.

1997 John L. Howard, MD '47 First Black student to receive a undergraduate degree 
1997 James E. Ward '48 Among the first Black students to receive a undergraduate degree  
1996 David J. Rousseve '81 Performer and Founder of Reality Dance Troupe
1994 Stanley Davis Jordan '81
Multiple Grammy Nominated Jazz Guitarist
1993 Bruce Siegel, MD '82 Director of NYC Hospital Services
1992 Richard W. Roper *71

Director, Office of Economic and Policy Analysis, Port Authority of NY & NJ


John W. Rogers, Jr. '80

Chairman & CEO of Ariel Capital Management,
1990 Carl Spight *71 Scientist at Jackson and Tull, Chartered Engineers
1989 Karl E. Hammonds, MD '73 US Olympic Boxing Team Medical Team
1988 Reginald Peniston, MD '69

Assistant Prof., Dept of Surgery, Howard University College of Medicine

1987 David Lawrence Evans *66 Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard University
1986 Christopher A. Hart '69 *71 Founder of Hart, Carroll & Chavers, a Washington, DC law firm
1985 Robert S. Johnson *72 CEO and Founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET)
1984 Baron A. Jones '73

Analyst, Cushman & Wakefield & endowed a University Scholarship

Alumni Service Award
recognizes alumni who through their careers and service to Princeton, exemplify the type of performance and spirit that ABPA considers noteworthy for their excellence and value as symbols to other Princetonians.

2015Bruce McBarnette '80P-Rade Marshal and Point Marshal; Princeton Club of Washington, Volunteer and Host; Class of 1980 - Regional Vice President

Gary M. King '79
Alumni Council, Princetoniana Committee V. Chair, Class of '79 Historian

Crystal L. Nix Hines, Esq. '85
University Charter Trustee and Alumni Leader

Dennis Brownlee '74
Connect Initiative, Co-Chair & University Trustee Emeritus

Sheryl Williams Jones '86
Washington, DC - ABPA Regional Committee Co-Chair


Monica Moore Thompson '89

Wash., DC - ABPA Regional Com. Co-Chair & Hoya Holiday Hoops


Sandy Adams Watson '82

Created ABPA Backyard Barbecue with Caribbean Flair in Wash., DC

Marilyn H. Marks *86
Editor, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Lauren D. Robinson-Brown '85
ABPA Board of Directors; Facilitates communication between University, alumni & media

Amanda C. Samuel '92
Mentors Princeton students and alumni in the legal field through PALS

Frederick E. Dashiell, Esq '76

Princeton Prize in Race Relations & National Schools Committee

2006 Dr. Veronica Anderson-Corpening '87   ABPA Board of Directors, Annual Giving and Class Volunteer    
2006 Charles Corpening '87 ABPA Board of Directors, Annual Giving and Class Volunteer
2005 Henry Von Kohorn '66 Founder & Chair, Princeton Prize in Race Relations
2004 Anthony D.J. Branker '80 Director of the University Jazz Program
2003 James A. Floyd, Jr. , PhD '69 ABPA Board of Directors and Founder of Princeton-in-Africa
2002 John T. Mavros '71 Instrumental in Carl A. Fields Fundraising Effort
2001 Donna Sotolongo, PhD '77 ABPA Board of Directors and Regional ASC Chair
2000 Marguerite Hadley Vera '79 ABPA President and Dedicated Princeton Volunteer
1999 Ugwunna Ikpeowo '96 Developed the Black-Ivy and Black Princeton Alumni Discussion Groups
1998 Dr. William A. Massey '77 ABPA President and Student Mentor
1998 Kenneth M. Bruce '83 ABPA Officer and Dedicated ABPA Contributor
1997 Melvin R. McCray, Jr. '74 Co-produced Looking Back: Reflections... for PU 250th Anniversary
1997 Calvin H. Norman, III '77 Co-produced Looking Back: Reflections... for PU 250th Anniversary
1996 Kim E. Pearson '78
ABPA BofD; Coordinated the Third World Center's 25th Anniver. Celebration
1993 Charles L. Haywood '73 ABPA Board of Directors and Community House Alumni Volunteer
1992 Henry M. Coleman '73 ABPA VP, Secretary & Treasurer and led ABPA communication upgrade
1991 Linda Brantley Blackburn '71

Distinguished ABPA President; First Mother & Daughter Princeton Graduates

1990 Patrice M. Pitts, Esq '79

ABPA BofD; led ABPA Wash., DC efforts; PC of Wash., DC and ASC leader

1989 Brent L. Henry, Esq '69

First Black Young Alumni University Trustee

1988 Juanita T. James '74 University Term Trustee appointed as a Charter Trustee
1987 Charles S. Dawson, III '70 Founder of the ABPA Awards and the ABPA Reunions Awards Reception
1986 Patricia L. Irvin, Esq '76

ABPA Board of Directors, ASC volunteer and Alumni Council member

1985 Leonard S. Coleman '71 ABPA Board of Directors and Ivy Club Alumni Volunteer
1983 Jerome Davis, Esq '71 ABPA Founder and Convener of the ABPA 10th Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Robert Rivers '53

First Black University Trustee and dedicated ABPA Volunteer

Dr. Carl A. Fields Memorial University Service Award

recognizes administrators, staff and faculty who through their careers and service to Princeton, exemplify the type of performance and spirit that ABPA considers noteworthy for their excellence and value as symbols to other Princetonians. This award, originally named the University Service Award, was renamed as a memorial to Dr. Fields, the 1985 award recipient, after his passing in 1998.


Dr. Carl A. Fields was an educator and advocate who pioneered creative and practical policies and practices which increased enrollment and retention of African- American, Jewish and female students. He served the University from 1964-1971 and was promoted to assistant dean of the college in 1968, becoming the first African-American dean of an Ivy League university. Fields set up the surrogate family hosting program and the community service summer work program and supported the Princeton-Blairstown Center and the establishment of the Third World Center. He was a very valuable mentor to many Princeton students and helped develop several student associations, including the Association of Black Collegians, the first Princeton student organization focused on the specific concerns of African-Americans and a forerunner to the Association of Black Princeton Alumni. Fields was also instrumental in establishing the University�s Frederick Douglass Service Award, in 1968, which is given annually on Class Day to a student(s) "who has exhibited courage, leadership, intellectual achievement and a willingness to contribute unselfishly toward a deeper understanding of racial minorities� the tradition of service embodied at Princeton.�

2015Dr. Valerie A. SmithDean of the College; Woodrow Wilson Professor of Literature; Professor of English and African American Studies; President-Elect Swarthmore College

Karen Jackson-Weaver, PhD '94 Assoc. Dean of Academic Affairs & Diversity, Princeton University Grad School


Shirley M. Tilghman, PhD h83

Princeton University�s 19th President


Robert Durkee '69 P93 P96 P99 University Vice President and Secretary


Dean Janet Rapelye Director of Admissions


Marjorie Young

Director, Community House, Princeton University

Janet S. Dickerson, PhD Vice President for Campus Life, Princeton University

Coach Pete Carril h83 Princeton Basketball Coach and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame

Margaret Moore Miller '80
Alumni Council Director and Convener of Coming Back & Looking Forward 
2006 Kenneth Grayson h02 Electrical Foreman (33 years) and singing mentor  
2005 Prof. Eddie S. Glaude *97 Professor of Religion & Director, Program in African-American Studies 
2004 Joann Mitchell Vice Provost for Administration
2003 William G. Bowen, PhD *58 17th University President (1973 - 1987)
2002 Hank Towns h02 Athletic Equipment Director
2001 Kenneth Samuel h83 h86 Security Department
2000 Robert F. Goheen, PhD '40 *48 16th University President (1957 - 1972)
1999 Heddye Ducree Third World Center Director
1998 Prof. Nell Irvin Painter Edwards Professor of History
1997 Dorothy Bedford '78 250th Anniversary Celebration Director
1997 Valerie de Cruz Assistant Dean for Multi-Cultural Affairs
1993 Marrilee Rubye Bragg Alumni Council point person for ABPA
1991 Sara Miller Third World Center Assistant
1989 Ruth Simmons, PhD Associate Dean of the Faculty
1986 Geraldine Reed Admissions Office
1985 Dr. Carl A. Fields Influential and First Black Administrator; Award later renamed for him!
1984 Larry T. Ellis Track & Field Coach & 1984 Olympic Coach
David Rahr '60
Alumni Council Chairman

Patrice Y. Johnson *80 Memorial Service Award
recognizes graduate students who exhibit high levels of performance and service that ABPA considers worthy of notice.

2015Jessica Rowland Williams *15Department of Molecular Biology

Elizabeth Johnson Pender, PhD *14
Department of Molecular Biology


Jamol Pender *14

BGC & Pres., Wesley L. Harris Scientific Society

Michael McKoy *12
Pres., BGC & Convener of the 2009 BGC Black History Month Symposium

Taniecea Arceneaux *11
Pres., Wesley L. Harris Scientific Society, BGC & Graduate Teaching Fellow

Audrey Dorelien *11

BGC & PU Global Crisis Committee; rallied support for the Haitian relief effort

Elisha K. Smith *09
BGC VP; Graduate School Community Associate; & Mentoring in Trenton

Ronald Chatters, III gs
BGC President and contributions to the graduate community

Leah M. Wright gs
BGC President and Student Mentor
2006 Jihad F. Saleh *06 BGC President and Co-Founder of Pan-African Graduation Celebration
2005 Diana M. Hill *06 *10 BGC; Asst. Women's Basketball Coach; Asst. Master of Rockefeller College
2004 Robert Hampshire *07 BGC President 
2003 Heather P. Tarleton *06 Distinguished BGC President
2002 Donnell Butler *01 *09

BGC Treasurer and distinguished service on numerous University committees

2001 Ann Morning *00 *02

Chaired BGC committee which produced a report on Black faculty at Princeton

2000 Michelle Roxanne Fowles *00

BGC President and Service to the Graduate School

1999 Patrice P. Jean *96 *99

Revived BGC & BGC President; GSU Social Chair; Asst. Master, Wilson Col.

1993 Emil E. Parker *93

Woodrow Wilson School, graduate student community leader

Lisa Nicole Grist *92

Activist and Volunteer within the Woodrow Wilson School community

Certificate of Appreciation
1998 Kevin C. Hudson '97   Dedicated ABPA On-campus Representative    
1997 Holland P. Gary '97 Designed and Hosted First ABPA Website
Mark Headley '91
Set up meetings to foster connections between Black alumni and students

Certificate of Accomplishment

John R. Thompson, III '88
2001 Ivy-League Champion, Princeton Basketball Coach

Student Achievement Awards
recognizes juniors who have already exhibited high levels of performance and service that ABPA considers worthy of notice. Their accomplishments represent the type of efforts students should emulate in their academic and extra-curricular activities.
2002 Maisha Robinson '02 Nuriya Robinson '02
1999 Audrey L. Davis '01 Nwakaego I. Okparaeke '01
1999 Spencer B. Merriweather '00 Janelle N. Wright '00
1997 Kevin M. Ghorm '99 Maame Yaa A.B. Yiadom '99
1996 Eugenia K. Harris '97 Gene A. Jarret '97
1995 Ricshawn S. Adams '96 Tshaka J. Cunningham '96
1994 Akira M. Bell '95 George W. Flowers '95
1993 Otis B. Jennings '94 Benita L. Thompson '94
Paul L. McDonald '93 Lori Alexis McGill '93
1991 Charlotte A. Burrows '92 David K. Panton '92
1990 Alina C. Blair '91 Mark Palmer '91
1989 Sheila S. Boston '90 Scott P. Styles '90
Charles T. Hopkins '89 Sherise L. Williams '89
1987 Maria L. Davis '88 George J. Washington '88
Rhonda J. Adams '87 Kevin L. Armstrong '87
1985 Karen Jackson '86 David Williams '86
Toni McCall '85
Crystal L. Nix '85


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